SOLER RS provides FIA-FT3-1999 approved fabriqués en bladder-type fuel tanks made of reinforced material enveloped in two layers of elastomer.*

Our products are bespoke, and are manufactured at our workshops in the Tarn region of France.

We use high-tech materials that have powerful chemical properties specially blended to be able to withstand hydrocarbon damage and extreme use.

* A polymer that has ‘elastic’ properties, achieved after treatment. It will withstand a great deal of deformity before breaking. A common synonym for it is rubber.



SOLER RS fuel cell tanks are tailor-made, and manufactured per unit. They are carefully designed to meet your needs.

In order to comply with FIA FT3-1999 standards, our bladder-type fuel tanks are made using high-tech, high-performance materials. This involves having a polyester core that’s enclosed within two layers of industry-treated rubber handled by weaving specialists. That’s the reason the material is also used for water, air and defence vehicles.

The product’s cut-out and assembly are carried out entirely by hand.

Our craftsmanship ensures that the welding is highly resistant to hydrocarbons.

Moreover, we fit our ready-to-mount tanks with a cover and accessories (including hoses, submerged pumps, aviation-type connections, FIA valves and gauges) in conformity with regulation FIA-FT3-1999.

For a comprehensive solution, we also supply the aluminium casing in line with your dimensions.

We are happy to give you support and advice on the design of your tank.

Réservoirs souples homologués FIA-FT3-1999 - Découpage

Cutting out the foam

Réservoirs souples homologués FIA-FT3-1999 - Découpe au gabarit du réservoir

Tank template cut-out

Découpe au gabarit du réservoir - Assemblage

Assembly prior to vulcanisation



In addition, the independent inspection body UTAC-CERAM at Montlhéry has approved our products.

We won FIA-FT3 approval in 2019 by the International Automobile Federation.

Etiquette de la Norme FIA-FT3-1999

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