SOLER RS is a business born of the passion of two motorsports enthusiasts.

It’s the story of a race competitor in search of a homologated fuel cell, a fortuitous encounter with the Riché brothers and their process engineer, and then the challenge of creating our bladder-type SOLER RS FIA-FT3 fuel cells.

The trade secret is carefully kept today, but the four watchwords are: QUALITY, PATIENCE, PRECISION, PERSEVERANCE.

We pay great attention to driver safety, and strive to produce fuel cell tanks that are tried and tested, and that are extremely robust.

When you trust us to create your fuel cell tank, we make you a promise: that you will be satisfied with the price, quality and time period.

We are available to discuss all your projects.

See you at the races

Rachel Cocagne-Soler et José Soler


José SOLER was born in 1965 in Lerida in Catalonia, and spent his entire childhood in the Pyrenees mountains of the Ariège region of France.
Curious and multifaceted, he became interested in the structure of the materials around him at an early age.
After training as an engineer at INSA, the French National Institute for Applied Science, he went to work for a major international group in public building construction. Keen to go it alone, he decided to start up his own design office.
Crazy about motorsports, he became a race competitor and then set up SOLER RS in 2017 so that he could indulge his passion as much as possible.


Rachel COCAGNE-SOLER comes from the chilly Franche-Comté region of France. Having spent 20 years teaching all-terrain driving in all four corners of the globe, she put herself in José’s bucket seat.
The daughter and grand-daughter of a vulcaniser, she is now part of the SOLER RS venture.

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