• Fitting the tank into its casing is a delicate operation. Send us your casing and we will handle the tank fitting so that you avoid having to move it around and thereby avoid causing any damage.
  • When you send us the tank, make sure it is completely emptied and sealed shut. Any hydrocarbon odour release during transportation could compromise the delivery.
  • To make the fitting process easier and to reduce any risk of leakage, we suggest that you place a cover lock on the tank, with fillers and outlets at the top of the tank.
  • There should be no protrusions from the welding joints at the inside corners of your casing, as there is a risk that the tank could be punctured as a result of any rubbing action. You are advised to smooth them down and apply a silicone seal to get rid of any edges.
  • Streamline your tank shape to limit cut-outs, and to keep the price down.
  • Take into account manufacturing time periods, there are times when these can increase.
  • Your tank is valid for 5 years from the manufacturing date shown on a label. Kindly let us know the desired dispatch date so as to optimise this time period.
  • Avoid exposing your fuel cell tank to UV light outside its casing.

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